WOAKA* is a kasahorow game for learning new words in any language.

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The rules are quite simple
  • Any number of players can play the game in any order, in any language.
  • The first player says any letter of the Akan alphabet, e.g. 'd'.
  • The next player must then say a word which begins with the letter 'd' in Akan. Then they will say a different letter of the Akan alphabet
  • The game goes on until a player is stumped, and cannot think of a word to play when their turn arrives. When that happens, the next player says "woaka!"
  • A word, once used, cannot be repeated in the game.
  • A letter of the Akan alphabet cannot be repeated by two consecutive players.
  • Your score is the total number of words all the players were able to come up with.


  • Agree on a common dictionary for resolving word challenges before starting the game.
  • If a word is not found in the agreed Akan dictionary, the game is over!
  • Agree on the timeout period. It can be as short as you want, or as long as you want. For face to face games, a maximum of 5 seconds is recommended to keep the game flowing.

Common winning strategies

  • Pick starting letters which is easy for your fellow players to make words with.

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*"Wo aka!" means "you are stumped!" in Akan.
**"Wo aka anaa?" means "are you stumped?" in Akan.
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